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Innovation in Oral Care

As clinicians, we recommend specialist toothpaste and mouthwash products based on clinical need and patients’ concerns.

Patients’ concerns and clinical needs vary at different stages of life.

Our aim

In developing Toothboost, our aim was to introduce a remineralising technology that could be applied across a range of innovative products, including our on-the-go, no rinse mist.

Toothboost Mist is an adjunct to brushing, designed to be used directly after foods, snacks and drinks to actively boost the mineralization process, protecting and strengthening teeth when most vulnerable.

Toothboost technology combines smart technology with targeted application to support complete mouth care.

Toothboost Technology

The Science

Remineralising technology like no other, our base ingredient is proven to be essential in the regulation of bio-mineralisation of tooth enamel
Buffered to pH 7.0 with a high buffering capacity to ensure your mouth and saliva remains at a healthy level to protect gums, enamel and natural microbiome
A chemically active, yet stabilised system – balanced to provide the chemical elements required to repair and protect enamel and harmonise with mouth and gums
Regular use hardens enamel to a greater extent than specialist toothpastes


  • Toothboost Remineralising Technology
  • Oral Biofilm Prevention
  • Fluoride and Fluoride Free formulations
  • Low abrasivity with RDA below ~ 50
  • Surfactant free
  • SLS free

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