Toothboost Technology®

Boosts your mouth’s natural protection


Toothboost’s multifunctional formulation works with your mouth’s naturally protective environment – helping to maintain an optimal balance for healthy teeth, gums and oral microbiome.

Inhibits oral biofilm formation, adherence and stability

Delivers bio-available Calcium, Phosphate and *Fluoride

*Fluoride free formulations available

Remineralises erosive and carious lesions post acidic incidents

Supports healthy oral microbiome

Our Patented Formulation and New to the Market ingredients can be delivered in a range of theraputic oral care products, for use at home and on-the-go!

Boostpaste, our innovative daily use toothpaste.

Innovation in Oral Care

Toothboost Technology combines smart technology with targeted application to address the effects of current lifestyles habits on our oral health.

Toothboost Technology – The Science

• Remineralisation technology like no other, our base ingredient is proven to be essential in the regulation of bio-mineralisation of tooth enamel

• Buffered to pH 7.0 with a high buffering capacity to ensure your mouth and saliva remains at a healthy level to protect gums, enamel and natural microbiome

• A chemically active, yet stabilised system – balance to provide the chemical elements required to repair and protect enamel and harmonise with mouth and gums

• Regular use hardens enamel to a greater extent than specialist toothpastes


• Toothboost remineralising technology

• Biofilm prevention

• Fluoride and fluoride free

• Low abrasivity with an RDA below ~50

• Surfactant free

• SLS free

Toothboost Oral Mist

Boosts Enamel Mineral Recovery

Frequent use of Toothboost Mist remineralises and strengthens enamel, delivering ‘just in time’ protection against tooth decay and enamel erosion.


Use 1-2 refreshing sprays

• After brushing – unlike mouthwash doesn’t dilute toothpase fluoride levels
• Directly after acidic or sugary foods and drinks
• No Rinsing – instant freshness


Toothboost Mist is an essential step in our system solution daily care regime

• Step 1 Wake up – Boostpaste & Oral Mist
• Step 2 On the Go – Toothboost Oral Mist
• Step 3 Overnight Recovery – Boostpaste & Oral Mist or Serum?

Hero Product

Toothboost Technology on the go bridges the gap between at-home and professional remineralising agents – addressing an unmet need and opportunity, in the global oral care market.

Oral Mist Consumer Trial Feedback

“Feels like a mouth moisturizer - a real help for dry mouth”

“Extremely useful and easy to use – delighted it's helping to strengthen my teeth”

“I like the idea I am doing something extra to protect my teeth”

“I could easily see this being part of my daily routine”

“Instant fresh breath and smooth silky feel - a good travel companion"

"If it was a retail product, I’d probably have them planted everywhere"

Toothboost Kids

Extra protection for vulnerable teeth


Enamel of kids’ teeth is 50% thinner than the enamel of their adult teeth

Teenage enamel erosion is on the increase – frequent fizzy, energy and fruit drinks dissolve enamel

Toothboost Mist offers extra protection against tooth decay and enamel erosion – pop in their school or sports bags!

Toothboost Ortho Fresh

Protecting your teeth and keeping appliances/aligners clean can be a real challenge during orthodontic treatments

Toothboost Mist is your ‘must have’ product – use directly after eating and drinking to protect teeth and freshen up your mouth or aligner – keep it to hand, in your bag, desk or car

“It is definitely something that helps with the challenges of Invisalign” – L. Little, currently undergoing Aligner treatment

Toothboost Protect White

Protects and nourishes enamel during whitening treatment & locks in the whiteness

• Preserves your teeth’s natural whiteness
• Stain removal – Boostpaste
• Helps prevents sensitivity

Toothboost Proactive

A healthy mouth is vital for our overall health

Plant based or ‘clean eating’ diets can increase grazing on acidic or sugary foods and drinks – increasing the risk of enamel erosion or tooth decay

Toothboost Mist

• Neutralises acids after snacks and drinks – rebalances mouth’s healthy pH7

• Boosts enamel mineral recovery

• Refresh & rehydrates – after exercise and coffee

• Supports healthy oral microbiome

Keep Toothboost Mist handy in your gym bag, on your desk or in the car

Toothboost Refresh

Our teeth are designed to last a lifetime

Over time, changes in the appearance and structure of our teeth can result in discolouration, thinning or sensitive teeth

Toothboost Mist moisturises and nourishes your teeth throughout the day – giving added protection for your teeth and confidence in your smile

Our Company


Dentherapy Ltd, our R&D company, is developing Next Generation therapeutic, oral and dental care products.

Our team of Dental Professionals, Formulation Specialists and Biochemists have combined their expertise in preventative dentistry, formulation development and clinical research to develop Toothboost Technology.

Carol Rafferty

Carol Rafferty


A Dental Hygienist with a background in dental public health, Carol has experience in general/private dental practice and community dental services.
Prior to founding Dentherapy Ltd, Carol was Senior Dental Tutor with NHS Education for Scotland.

Katherine Thom

Katherine Thom


A successful businesswoman, with experience in management, marketing and sales, following exit from a major logistics company – Katherine established an art gallery and design house.

Dr Howard Marriage

Dr Howard Marriage

Biotech Entrepreneur

Howard has 30 years experience in Life Science, specializing in building and growing biotech venture, product and services from Universities, Institutes and early stage companies.

Dr Richard Willson

Dr Richard Willson

Formulation Specialist

Richard has more than 20 years’ experience in formulation development many of those years spent at GlaxoSmithKline as a Formulator and Investigator. He is now the Director of Modus Laboratories ltd, a contract research company he founded in 2009.

Dr Stephen Rafferty BDS

Dr Stephen Rafferty BDS

Dental Advisor

Stephen has over 30 years experience working in General Dental Practice. Adviser for Dental Vocational Training in Grampian Region 1999-2010. Interests in dentistry include Evidence Based practice and Minimal Intervention dentistry.


Our Company Dentherapy has established a highly novel pipeline, based on innovative concepts and material secured by patented technology and detailed knowhow.

We are actively seeking partners to take these products to global markets. Contact us to learn more about our vision to revolutionise dental care and discuss how our products could enhance your consumer presence.

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